When you purchase a package of Online 1:1 Coaching Sessions, MisterD will work with your teachers via online conference for five consecutive weekly sessions on mastering specific EdTech competencies such as the ones listed below. Your faculty will progress through the topic, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the subject and, ultimately, a unit or lesson plan that is ready to roll out in class.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of available topics. If there is a specific tool, piece of software or pedagogical technique you would like MRD to cover with your faculty, we can customize a learning pathway to meet those needs.

Schedule a series of ongoing sessions to conceive, plan and create a Project-Based unit for your class. We will go step-by-step, constructing a meaningful, challenging and rewarding PBL activity for one of your upcoming units.
Cover the essentials of creating, formatting, and sharing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and forms with Google Apps. Learn how to work with your files - creating, converting, syncing, and deleting - plus tips on organizing and searching Drive. Then it is on to inserting and formatting images, text, tables, and data inside documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and the Google Forms feature for polling and collecting responses.
Learn to use tools like Socrative and NearPod to work interactively with your entire class in real-time. Collect questions, feedback and formative assessment from all of your students at once using digital tools that run on all of your classroom devices.
We will cover how to shoot, edit and work with digital photos and video on your iPhone or iPad to document student work, share news of what’s happening in your class and bring the outside world into your classroom.
Looking for ideas on how to jazz up your classroom newsletter? Let’s sit down to discuss snazzy layout ideas, the incorporation of graphics, photo and video and even some other formats that you might consider in order to communicate more effectively to your parents.
Flip your classroom instruction with easy-to-use software at school or on your home computer. Generate short, fun video lessons for your students to watch at home so that they (and you) are free to apply what they have learned in your classroom. We will cover planning, creating, recording and publishing these videos in a series of sessions.
Use iPads to give your students the power to shoot, edit and publish original, digital films using iMovie, Apple’s easy-to-use digital video studio.
Learn to use simple apps to create custom interactive games and activities for student review on any device, from your SMART Board to an iPad to your students’ home computers.
Learn to use the iPad to empower students to create digital stories across all content areas. These stories can be self-expression or assessment to showcase student mastery of content knowledge. Show your students how to create different types of digital stories-- a personal narrative, a story that informs or instructs and a story that documents an event.
Infographics are a visual representation of data and when students create them, they use information, visual, and technology literacies to demonstrate understanding of complex ideas. We will explore a collection of tools to help you develop formative or summative assessments that have students creating infographics to showcase their mastery of knowledge.
Are you ready to start putting more class content upe on your your class page? Want to consider posting homework or in-class activities for your students to complete online? Whatever you’re ready to try next with your LMS, we can cover those steps one-on-one.
Reinvigorate one of your tried-and-true lesson or unit plans with a dose of educational technology. Let’s work together to infuse new technological tools into your existing curriculum to excite and empower your students to go even further.
The courses on this list are just some of the things we could spend time together working on. Is there something you’ve been reading or hearing about that’s not on this list? I’d love to know what it is! Name your topic and we will explore it together!