The #EdTech30 is a free online course, created by Seth Dimbert, designed to help teachers improve their familiarity with EdTech tools quickly in a short period of time.

Launched in 2014, the EdTech30 is an online course in Educational Technology tools which runs for the 30 days prior to the ISTE Conference each summer. In the course’s first year, over 100 teachers from all over the world participated and some of them called it “the most useful and productive professional development” they’ve ever had.

Participants register for the class, which is run on Instructure’s Canvas LMS, and join the cohort. Once the program starts, a new challenge appears each day, asking participants to learn about and experiment with a new category of EdTech tool. The usual assignment challenges participants to create an example of how they might use the new tool or technique in their class and then post a link to their work in a discussion where other members of the course can compliment, critique and question their work.

Feedback from EdTech30 2014 participants included:

  • “This was one of the most empowering things I have ever done. I would take any course with you!”
  • “I have learned a lot and it was a confidence builder. This has been one of the most directly useful PD efforts I have ever participated in.”
  • “I was so excited to learn about and then use each tool… I felt like I was given a precious, daily gift.”
  • “The EdTech30 was remarkable. It made learning fun and gave me a feeling of wonder, joy, accomplishment and curiosity. Seth, you are a master teacher and it has been a great honor learning from you.”

EdTech30 2016 is slated to launch in May, 2016. More information is available at