Professional Development

Seth Dimbert has been providing customized training sessions to educators for almost twenty years. As the founder of both JEDcamp and the EdTech30, he has demonstrated a creative and innovative approach to solving the challenge of effectively meeting teachers’ diverse learning needs. Comfortable working with groups of any size –from 1-on-1 coaching to conference keynotes, he is an effective mentor, an experienced and expert pedagogue and an entertaining and enlightening presenter.

Some of Seth’s many presentation topics are:

  • The iPad-Only Classroom Teacher
  • Getting It All Done on a Chromebook
  • What School Leaders Can Learn from CompSci Nerds
  • Tech Tips for School Administrators
  • A Pause for “Why?”

Most recently, Seth presented at the Future of Educational Technology Conference in Orlando. This summer, you can see see him at COJDS’s JEDIT Conference on Long Island at the annual conference of the International Society for Technology in Education in New Orleans.

Strategic EdTech Planning

After working as the Director of Educational Technology for two different schools and consulting for many others, Dimbert has helped schools launch EdTech initiatives of all shapes and sizes. He can help leadership teams develop multi-year plans which incorporate:

  • Blended Learning
  • Google Apps for Education
  • Apple School Manager
  • Flipped Classrooms
  • Project-Based Learning
  • Learning Management Systems
  • MDM and 1-to-1 Mobile Device Programs

Corporate Consulting

Seth’s ability to understand complex technology systems and communicate effectively with non-technical users enables him to assist corporations with the planning, development, rollout and training of technology systems. His experience in the marketing research, not-for-profit, manufacturing and distribution industries means that he has seen the challenges that companies face and helped them discover or develop solutions on time and under budget.